We're proud to feature quality local products from these small businesses:

April's Southern Charm

Julie & Tracy have launched a small business specializing in Homemade Candles, Waxmelts, Bath Butter Soap, Car Freshners and more. They use high quality, local ingredients to make these one of a kind products. Visit April’s Southern Charm on Facebook to see even more products.

Deb's Fused Glass

“I create fused glass art. Some items are created using casting molds and some are slumped over or into other molds. Most glass fires at least 2 times with a top temperature of 1400 degrees.” -Deb See more of Deb’s latest creations on her Facebook page Deb’s Fused Glass Designs.


“Our business adventure began in 2009 when I surprisingly realized that the super absorbent sponge cloths I used during my years growing up in Sweden were not a common commodity in US homes. After earning my business degree, I along with my husband and other family members, saw the opportunity to penetrate the US market with these unique, high-quality cloths. In just a few short years we have been met with an overwhelming response from retailers, as well as consumers – they all love our product! What makes the Wet-it cloths so impressive is their absorption and bio-degradable qualities. The fabric is a tried and true Swedish invention from the 1940s and is made of a perfect blend of high grade cotton and wood pulp. The idea behind the Wet-it is to eliminate or reduce the amount of paper towel waste. We upgraded the cloths with our in-house designer patterns. Our Wet-its are like a reusable paper towel that far outperforms any sponges, paper towels or microfiber cloths becasues they are efficient, resuable, eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable and stylish!” Mathilda Davies Read more at the Wet-it! Facebook Page.

Happy Goat Creamery

I got into milk goats because I was drinking powdered milk and just couldn’t take it anymore! I wanted the real deal. Without the acreage (or funds) for a cow, I ended up with two Lamancha does in milk. Much to my surprise, the milk really is much like cow milk in flavor! A lot of the milk’s flavor is determined through proper handling (see management page), but there is always a certain amount decided by breed. That is one of many things that I never expected to agree with the Internet on. Now I never was big on goat milk (I have had really bad goat milk as a teenager), but hey it’s gotta be better than powdered right? So I did lots of research and picked Lamanchas because they are known for sweet tasting milk, more like cow’s milk than any of the Swiss breeds that were apparently bred for making (in my opinion) really bad tasting cheese.
Shortly after buying my first two does, my neighbor asked if she could get some goat milk. She said that she loves the stuff and hasn’t had any for years. So I gave her a quart, and she loved it! And wanted more. Now I needed more goats because there was not enough milk left for me!
After that I ended up selling more and more milk, as well as trading milk for grazing permission for the girls on the different neighbors’ lots. Soon I began getting requests for farm fresh brown eggs as well as milk, and I thought to myself, ‘sure I’d like eggs.’ In came the chickens!
Now I am living a very busy yet extremely relaxed life. I milk goats after breakfast, then go out shepherding the goats, then bring them back in for lunch and midday milking. Then I do the sheep & soap packing chores, and back out we go! Last I come in for dinner and night milking and start all over again the next day. My line of vegetable based True Goat Milk Soaps is ever expanding. I make the soaps the old-fashioned way using the cold process method. I use essential oils in my soaps for fragrance, not perfume, because Noelle is allergic to perfume oils.

Healing Hearts Alpacas

Healing Hearts Alpacas is a small alpaca farm near Indian Trail, NC where some of the world’s happiest and most spoiled alpacas roam. The alpaca fiber collected from these cuties is used to make ultra soft and cozy gifts. Check out Healing Hearts Alpacas on Facebook to check in on these precious animals.

Cynthia Wilson (@healingheartsalpacas) • Instagram photos and videos

Healing Hearts Alpacas | Facebook

Misfit Farm Designs

I got started making decals with my husband in 2015 and found I really enjoyed the process of designing and creating. A couple years later that transitioned into using the stickers to make custom tumblers as well. In recent months I have started making badge reels and hairbows. I love seeing how I can make someone’s vision come to life and providing affordable unique creations. I offer several premade stickers, tumblers, badge reels and hairbows and I can also make things to order. You can contact me at (4) Misfit Farm Designs | Monroe NC | Facebook

Sew Much Stuff

We are a local family run business with my children contributing as well!! Our feature item is the infinity scarf with the secret pocket which is great for travel or every day wear. Our headbands are made from a soft material with some stretch for a more comfortable fit. Our products vary from wearable to functional and come in many themes and patterns. 

Kiki Marker (@sew_much_stuff) • Instagram photos and videos

The Craft Resort

We are a family business! It is myself, my daughter and my sister. We live in Mineral Springs. We have been creating for 30+ years. We enjoy making many different things. It is a for of therapy for us as well. We will do special orders and we make one-of-a-kind items.

The Craft Resort | Facebook

My Mugs & Kisses

We established My Mugs & Kisses as a husband and wife team local to Waxhaw Combining hand -lettered calligraphy with college memories, we launched our college town mug collection. We hope our hand-lettered mugs help you give that new college graduate or loyal alum the perfect gift to show their school allegiance, or simply reminisce over a cup of coffee and relieve nostalgic memories.

My Mugs & Kisses | Facebook


Personally 4 You

We make custom orders of double walled tumblers and resin art. Our items are beautiful and functional. We offer a range of products including jars and trays with and without lids in a variety of colors and glitter. Also picture frames and decor as well as other custom pieces.

Personally4you | Facebook

Wild Hare Designs

“Give ’em something to laugh about” are words to live by in our house. My father collected sayings his entire life and the “nut didn’t fall far from the tree”. We are a female owned family business, including Mom, Dad, Alexis, Erica and an occasional Margarita for inspiration. Wild Hare Designs started printing towels in 1997. We offer hundreds of witty sayings on award winning premium 100% cotton towels.

Wild Hare Designs: Linens with an Attitude!

Sew Happy Creations

I have a love for sewing and will try my hand at sewing just about anything from mask to memory. I also provide other useful items such as shelf sitters, reusable egg cartons and containers with personalized labels among many other wonderful products.

Sew Happy Creations | Facebook

The Missing Piece

Are you looking for a unique gift or that special piece to complete your collection? We can help!! We offer a variety of antique items as well as jewelry, socks, candles and more.

The Missing Piece | Waxhaw NC | Facebook

The Can Man

All my products are handmade. I offer multiple sizes of planes, boat and car made from aluminum drink cans. Each item is made with special care attention. I am a one man operation with a passion for working with my hands. 

BBQ Delights

Pellets are a unique for of natural wood. When pellets are made all of the air within the cellular structure of the wood is evacuated, thus concentrating the wood into a very dense form, much denser than the natural tree. As compared to other wood flavor enhancers, pellets will yield a more intense smoke more quickly which seals the food, locking in natural moisture and adding smoke flavor exactly when it’s needed. BBQ Delights pellets are 100% wood, no chemicals, oils or other additives! Since pellets have been processed from saw dust which generates heat, any contaminants present in the wood are eliminated. This process produces sterile smoking wood product of consistent quality. Pellets are easy to use since you do not soak in water prior to use. It’s easy to blend wood flavors with pellets and easily repeat successful cooking results. 

Homeplace Design Co.

We make a variety of unique and useful items for your home! We everything from cups to coasters to wall décor and serving trays. Our items are each handmade with care.

(15) Homeplace Design Co. | Waxhaw NC | Facebook

Crumpmaster Creations

We love crafting and we love thrifting and we LOVE making something beautiful from the things we find!

crumpmaster creations Facebook

Cat Designs

I have been crocheting for over 10 years and started designing my own patterns in the last year. I love making fun items for people to gift and enjoy. I am so excited to share my creations with the community. 

Hello, I’m Cat Crochet Designs | Monroe NC | Facebook

John's Wood Design

Frances Wreaths and Things

As the business name suggests my name is Frances and all my items are handmade. I just love what I do and getting to interact with people. 

L & L Crafts

Repurposed Treasures by Robin

My name is Robin and I have crafted for most of my life. I love to combine and recycle.